Good Insight

I’ve never had a tarot reading before so I was thankful to have the experience of my first one. The reading gave me a good insight.

-JA in the US

A Personal Touch

You completely answered my question. I absolutely LOVED how Stephanie got in touch with me as soon as she got the request. She let me know how long she would take and what her readings typically are. The first connection seemed to have a personal touch [which] I really appreciated. The reading was extremely helpful to me! I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!

-RG in India

Very Detailed

You completely answered my question. Thank you so much Stephanie! I was reading what you said over and over again! You gave a conclusion that I need to work on myself, and that I need time to heal myself. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. I appreciate everything about this reading! You [were] very detailed! Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars. The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value!

-K. in the US

Spot on

Stephanie did a great job at honing in [on] my question and providing feedback that was directly related to it.

She was spot on that I need to stop with the idea of perfection and let things flow. I need to be more open to outside the box opportunities. Obviously, nothing can tell me exactly what path to take, but she definitely made me realize that I need to find the courage to try something new since what I have been doing isn’t working. All of that is exactly right.

There was a lot of thoughtfulness to the reading – everything circled back to my question, I could tell she took the additional details I provided into consideration and she used a voice that made me feel she really did want me to find my path. I also love that she provided a couple of extra items like a mantra and meditation.

I really don’t think I could have asked for a better reading. It was pointed, spot on and provided a lot of the guidance that I needed in a kind and caring voice.

-NW in the United States


Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for taking the time for this reading and for answering my questions specifically. It was hard to read but I guess I already knew the answer too. You’re very good at interpreting the cards into a reading. I only got basic snippets though same connotation. Insightful and seems right.

Thank you.

-C in the United States

Blown away by the positivity

Hi Stephanie,
First of all, I would just like to say a hearty thank you for taking the time to give me a reading. I appreciate it immensely!

As for the reading itself, I am blown away by the positivity flowing from it! After such a difficult first half of the year, it warmed me to know that I am doing things right, and I need to not punish myself as much as I do. I often find I am very hard on myself, and don’t ask for help when I should, and am constantly told by friends and family that I need to stop, take a breath, and ask for help if I need it. So that part of the reading was very accurate!

It was a fantastic reading, and I loved the added touch of having a photograph of my cards available. Thank you so much, Stephanie!

Love and Peace,
JL xXx

-JL in the United Kingdom

A very good reading

This was a very good reading. I am of course happy to hear all the positive messages. I love the basic definition of the cards and then the interpretations. You are right, I have to be more positive about the future and myself. I liked the reading that told me what I bring to the relationship as well as where my own interests are personally. Thank you, you are a great reader.

-EH in the United States

Very inspiring

Dear Stephanie,
Thank you for reading Tarot for me! If anything, I can say your reading was very inspiring for me. I love how it was positive and had a focus on advising. That makes it much more helpful. Honestly, I had to read your text a couple of times to swallow the whole thing. I guess that means it was very meaningful to me.
I think that’s quite accurate.
As for my strengths, my challenges, and my focus over the next year, I really like how your reading points to thoughtfulness, gratitude, and preparation. It all comes together quite well right now, as I am facing some financial challenges. I will take your advice to heart.
Finally, I love how you summed it up at the end.
Again, thanks a lot for the reading. Much appreciated.

-A in Brazil