Spot on

Stephanie did a great job at honing in [on] my question and providing feedback that was directly related to it.

She was spot on that I need to stop with the idea of perfection and let things flow. I need to be more open to outside the box opportunities. Obviously, nothing can tell me exactly what path to take, but she definitely made me realize that I need to find the courage to try something new since what I have been doing isn’t working. All of that is exactly right.

There was a lot of thoughtfulness to the reading – everything circled back to my question, I could tell she took the additional details I provided into consideration and she used a voice that made me feel she really did want me to find my path. I also love that she provided a couple of extra items like a mantra and meditation.

I really don’t think I could have asked for a better reading. It was pointed, spot on and provided a lot of the guidance that I needed in a kind and caring voice.

-NW in the United States