Tuned in to Higher Wisdom

WOW. This is a wonderful reading. The way you split the reading was masterful. Your energy, the way I feel; when I read this, I can tell you are tuned in to higher wisdom. I feel relief because this resonates so strongly and it was just what I needed to hear. I do feel like I am giving to my boss sometimes, but she is lovely and beautiful and she has given so much to people and I think she needed someone generous to restore her trust in the universe. And I am receiving so much by being there as well. It is also useful to see change on the horizon and if anything it makes me more motivated to work hard and get as much out of this experience as I can! I am exposed to some really wonderful clients and I will be aware of any possible opportunities that might come up, so thank you. That is so nice. I feel very guided and supported, which is why I requested this reading. I feel like you care for your role in reading the Tarot and that is very honourable. Great. Keep it up and excited to see your impact on the world.

-S in Australia