The Absence of Magic

Muses of Tarot by Ethony - Brujela

In the absence of magic, sometimes we discover magic was happening all along.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been away from my desk, away from this blog, and away from remote readings. I’ve read the Tarot for loved ones in person once but otherwise haven’t kept most of my usual practices that both mark and ease the passage of time. I’m preparing for my wedding at the end of September, considering a job change (rare and always major for me), and coming out of a depression. I deal with depression on a regular basis, and we’ll talk about that another time soon.

All this time I would have considered myself to be in the absence of magic, considering my lack of actions. And yet today, as I gathered my courage to face what’s needed, I realized that a deeper magic has been at work. Still waters run deep and slow change can be quite powerful. Even the most gentle river has cut through rocks, making permanent, major changes.

Today I feel that my root chakra, related to security and sense of safety, is more open, more aligned, and ready to support me through the changes ahead. Notably, my SI joint (a hip joint at the rear of the pelvis, the same area as the root chakra) was out of alignment a few days ago–a temporary condition that requires a few minutes of slow, focused work to correct. This is also a condition that’s familiar and I understand my steps to take for pain relief.

Ethony’s Muses of Tarot deck arrived yesterday and it seemed the perfect companion tool for a reading today. After thumbing through the 13 muses of the deck, I settled on Brujula, the Muse of Change and Transition. Each muse is presented with a “bio” page explaining their focus area (love, finances, shadow work, health, and so on) and their unique approach, along with associated Tarot cards to more fully illustrate aspects of that muse.

The Muses of Tarot guidebook and deck are vividly colored and pleasing to look at, like much of Ethony’s work. I used the suggested spread from the guidebook for working with this muse.

Brujula’s Tarot Spread for Change and Transition

  1. Underlying factors motivating these changes – High Priestess (2): I’m gaining more understanding of my deep wisdom, the deep wisdom we can all access through quiet contemplation. I’m learning to just be, to radically accept my situation and my circumstances. The more in tune I am with what’s best for me, the more I realize what matters (my partner, satisfying work) and what I can release (stress over wedding details that are already in hand, workplace cliques and favoritism).
  2. My fears around making these changes – King of Swords: Fear of not choosing wisely, fear of losing my voice if I try to appease people who don’t matter, fear of not following my truth on work that satisfies my need for providing value without causing me physical pain, and fear of not knowing the outcome of possible changes
  3. What to avoid while moving forward – Chariot (7): Fearing loss of control. Instead, I adopt the mantras “I am strong and decisive. I choose wisely.”
  4. Helping me get the most out of these changes – Page of Pentacles: Preparing to better care for my body, home, money, and career
  5. Likely outcomes if these changes are made – 9 of Cups: Ease, moving into more of what makes me truly happy
  6. Best time to make these changes – 6 of Wands: 6 weeks, the week of my wedding. I feel that I’ll have more solid information on making a potential job change then also. Card of victory, lending reassurance that what’s true and right will out.

To summarize, there is more to release and more fears to acknowledge and set aside. I have more meditation and more relaxation to focus on, important lessons for a person learning that her worth isn’t solely based on what they do.