The Best News

Gorgeous sunset photo of mountain range

Hi! Let’s start with personal updates today. Saturday, I married my partner of 3+ years, who has encouraged and supported my exploration of the Tarot, Lenormand, and so many other illuminating topics. He’s a great human who loves Star Wars and craft beers as much as I do, and someone I’ve known since high school. We’re delighted with the life we’ve built.

We enjoyed a really peaceful trip to the mountains of North Carolina, and while on the road home, I negotiated for and accepted a better job. Having just returned from our wedding trip full of ideas, there’s more exciting news for you.


You’ll soon be eligible to win some fantastic giveaways here! My email subscribers will be treated to monthly giveaways, with the first prizes to include Intuitive Tarot by Brigit Esselmont, founder of Biddy Tarot and a Best Path reading–my most requested service. Next month, I’m looking forward to giving away one of my two favorite planners, the 2021 Desire Map planner by Danielle LaPorte and another great reading from yours truly.

My task now is to choose and implement the best strategy for blog giveaways over the next week. Put your name in the hat now by signing up to receive my updates and freebies (I’ll be sharing my newest freebie in 2 weeks!) below.

If you blog or run a website, do you offer giveaways? What’s your experience been with those?