Things I’m in Charge of

Angry gray cat on paved path

Actually, I am the boss of me.

Today’s list is from the book 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal. When I came across this prompt, the 2 of Swords came to mind immediately. Too often, we focus on external events and factors that prevent us from doing what we wish. I realized that I need to take a clearer look at this mindset. The 2 of Swords reminds us that what we don’t or won’t see still impacts our decisions.

Writing out what I can control for this post was definitely an exercise in personal responsibility, since many of these items majorly impact how I feel. My aha moment is that I really have a lot of control over how my day goes, based on my actions. Though unpredictable problems will arise, I can set myself up for less stress and a better day overall by handling the things below well. Instead of remaining blindfolded like the figure in the 2 of Swords, I’m choosing to remove my blindfold and build a better day for myself.

What I Can Control

  • What I wear
  • My words
  • How I express (or don’t) my mood
  • What time I wind down for sleep
  • How I am when I interact with others
  • How many times a day I give my cats treats
  • What I watch or listen to at home or in the car
  • How often I call loved ones
  • Whether I dress my cats in costumes (NO, because I value my health and safety)
  • How much water I drink
  • Whether I ask for help when I need it
  • What I eat
  • How often I take a relaxing bath

If you use this journaling prompt, let me know if you had any aha moments while writing.

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