Transforming, A Journal Prompt

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How I’ve changed, from the absurd to the profound

Today’s list prompt is from 52 Lists for Calm: Journaling Inspiration for Soothing Anxiety and Creating a Peaceful Life. Below, we’ll talk about journaling to achieve different goals. Journaling can simply be a record of events, but it can also be a tool to clarify your emotions, figure out your priorities, worry less, or change an internal script.

LIST 20: List the ways you are different now than you were in the past.

You could achieve different goals with this journaling prompt just by redefining the time period for “the past”. Today my goal was to refocus, after realizing my mind was drifting from web design. I was able to go back and put the finishing touches on the webpage and hit publish. I decided to go with any changes since childhood, because that doesn’t require me to think through timelines.

  1. I enjoy yogurt. As a child, I disliked the texture, common for folks with ADD or who are on the spectrum.
  2. Unexpected touch doesn’t scare me.
  3. I speak up for myself.
  4. I like vacuuming.
  5. I can make a bit of small talk comfortably.
  6. I’ve gotten honest about the fact that I’m not going to iron clothes. Just not gonna do it. Now I just try to prevent wrinkles.
  7. My thrill issues are resolved. (I have scars from 4-wheeler/ ATV, jet ski, and go kart accidents.)
  8. I have more control of my thoughts. I can recognize and interrupt unhealthy circular thinking and harmful mental scripts.
  9. I don’t have pet rats. I discovered I’m very allergic, though rats have been my best pets. They are smarter than dogs, enjoy ear scratches like cats, and can learn to come when called. (And quite clean little animals, if you were wondering. A rat will stop to wash its face every single time it eats or drinks. They bathe and groom themselves just like cats do.)
  10. I no longer believe Santa enters homes through the TV antenna if there’s no chimney.

Author Moorea Seal follows this journal prompt with, “If you have the capacity to be different today than you were in the past, then you have the capacity to make changes in the present that will impact you for the better in the future.”

If you’d like to journal for 5 minutes or less to refocus like I did, you might consider using the prompt above as is. For a more reflective experience, you could add a specific time period, such as, “List the ways you are different now than you were in high school” or “before your last move“. You could also make this more in-depth by picking an area of your life where you’ve experienced change: “List the ways you are different now than you were in the past in your response to conflict” or “in how you relate to your parents”.

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