To Use or Not to Use – Spreads

Stephanie Dreams Tarot New Moon in Pisces

Do Tarot spreads confine or inspire you?

First, do you use spreads? Generally, a Tarot spread is a set of questions plus the positions for the card(s) answering each question. (Remember that nearly any Tarot spread can also be used for Lenormand and oracle cards–don’t limit yourself!) I usually don’t use a set spread, because I like to focus on the need at that moment and break it into multiple questions.

A good example is my One Question 3-Card Reading–my client asks one question, “What’s the best way to prepare for my interview with a tech development team next week?”, then I feel into the situation behind the question. There’s often an emotion or need behind the question a client presents. (Isn’t this usually true in most of life?) By identifying anticipation, fear, excitement, or need for approval, I can better speak to what a person is really seeking from their Tarot reading.

For the job interview, I would draw one card each for A) the best way to prepare, B) what to expect for the tone of the interview, and C) how to best connect with the interviewer. For A), the Knight of Wands suggests preparing by polishing your interpersonal skills: a firm handshake, an interesting new tech release that could impact the team positively, and good eye contact without staring. For B), the 2 of Wands represents what will likely be a pair of interviewers who focus on different aspects of the work, making the interview tone energetic and balanced. Then for C), the 2 of Cups recommends discussing teamwork and following emotion for better UI. The 2 of Cups also emphasizes two interviewers or two phases to the interview.

You see that I answered three different aspects of the main interview question, which spreads aren’t always set up to accommodate. I’ll often create the spread in the moment, as I’m beginning to shuffle, like this quick 2-card spread for my daily draw: 1) What should I expect today? 2) How should I respond? Creating my own spread as I go gives a lot of freedom to address the questions behind the question.

One time I really enjoy using set spreads is for holidays and special days, like the new moon and full moon. I’m not really nostalgic or attached to too many traditions, so using holiday spreads from Tarot readers I admire or enjoy working with adds fun related elements. For the new and full moon spreads, I like a reader more experienced with astrology to give me aspects of that sign to consider. This weekend, I’ll probably use Ethony*’s New Moon in Pisces spread from her free 2021 Tarot by the Moon Guide.

Get the guide if you haven’t already and enjoy the dreamy, snuggle-at-home energy of the Pisces new moon this weekend.