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When taking a step back and taking into account my reading I was able to see just how much my reading was spot on. I have had a rough few months and as the reading suggests I have been focusing on me and growing as a person physically and mentally. Such kind words and 100% … Continue reading Such kind words and 100% accurate

Such kind words and 100% accurate

Great verbiage. I completely agree with the reading! I’m giving too much power to the anxiety that’s manifesting itself . What I most valued about this reading is seeing the cards. -S in the US

Completely Agree

Five-star rating! Clearly and wisely worded. Excellent advice for me to follow. Thank you and blessings to you! -Ramona in the United States

Clearly and wisely worded

Told me to follow my intuition, but sometimes I don’t trust myself… So I’m still a little insecure about what to do… But I know in the heart that’s exactly what I need to do. You [caught] my attention with the “awakening” you mentioned at the beginning. I immediately felt you knew me cause that’s … Continue reading Immediately Felt You Knew Me

Immediately Felt You Knew Me

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What’s different with Stephanie Dreams Tarot? A whole lot. Get the tea here, plus explore the fabulous work of my own Tarot advisor Anya Esma.

Tarot cloth and crystals set up for Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle card reading

Behind the Scenes

My Tarot reading space, my process, and details on how I read the cards My Reading Space Here’s my reading space: a perfectly-sized black armoire desk that closes–perfect for preventing kitties from stealing crystals and whatnot. I appreciate the shelves, drawer, and space for books and notebooks since functional organization makes me happy. Most of … Continue reading Behind the Scenes