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Hi, friends! Last night, I had the privilege of sharing my friend’s first Tarot reading ever with her. I love introducing people to the wisdom of the Tarot and the magic we can make with it.

Today, I’d like to share what you need to know before getting a Tarot reading.

What benefits can you get from a Tarot reading?

A Tarot reading can provide answers to your questions or guidance on choosing between options.

How do Tarot readings work?

Tarot readings work like weather forecasts–they give you the most likely outlook based on the current conditions. If the weather might be rainy, you may choose to wear different shoes or to carry an umbrella. The forecast doesn’t make you do any of those things, though. You have free will and can choose what to do or not based on what you learned.

In the same way, your Tarot reading gives you information so you can make the best possible decision or so you can better understand your situation.

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How to Get a Great Tarot Reading

  1. Choose your Tarot reader.
    • Work with someone you trust or who seems trustworthy.
    • Notice whether you feel at ease and positive about working with this person (or source, such as an online service that chooses a reader for you).
    • If you’re working with a paid reader, you should be clear about the price and what you will receive up front. Your Tarot reader may charge for a certain amount of time, number of cards, or number of questions.
    • ASK if you have any questions about pricing, how it works, or what you’ll receive. An ethical Tarot reader will want to share the facts you need to decide whether you want to work together.
  2. Choose a clear, open-ended question.
    • Begin your question with “What” or “How” rather than “why” or “when”.
    • Asking a question with a “yes/ no” answer limits the amount of information you’ll receive. Instead, take full advantage of this opportunity.
    • ONLY ask a question if you’re ready for the answer. This may seem obvious, but it needs to be said.
  3. Ask if your reader will provide a recording or notes about your reading.
    • If not, ASK if you can record the reading or take notes. Please only record with permission.
    • If at any point, you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to say, “No, thank you, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want a reading right now.” You should never feel pressed to continue with a reading you don’t want.
    • That said, if your paid reader has already spent the time to prepare your reading, such as an email or video reading, you will likely need to compensate them for their time and work.
  4. Listen with an open mind.
    • Even if you disagree, continue to listen. There may be more to an issue than it appeared initially.
  5. If you have questions about what your reader shares, ask.
    • If your questions require additional cards to be drawn, there may be an additional charge, depending on your reader’s price structure.
  6. Review your notes or recording in a few days to get the most from your reading.
    • You’ll often have a deeper understanding of your messages when you look back at them.
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What to Avoid When Getting a Reading

Beware anyone who wants to charge you to lift a curse, unless you’re specifically seeking that type of service. An ethical Tarot reader will not rush or pressure you into paying for more than you planned.

There shouldn’t be hidden fees, expensive add-ons, or pressure to “act quickly” and pay more for the original service you requested. You should receive your complete Tarot reading for the original agreed-upon price. If your Tarot reader offers other services you’d like to take advantage of, enjoy. Just don’t allow anyone to push you into anything you don’t want.

Other Things to Know

Some Tarot readers are psychic, but psychic abilities are NOT required to provide you with an excellent Tarot reading.

Many Tarot readers work with multiple modalities or divination methods and types of services. They may include information from other sources like oracle cards or crystals. Your reader should be clear up front if there are additional charges for certain types of work.

If you’re working with a Tarot reader in person, please be respectful and wait until invited to touch any Tarot cards, crystals, or other items on display or that your reader sets out. That said, every reader is different and your Tarot reader may ask you to pick a deck for your reading or choose your cards from the Tarot deck they’re using.

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