Working with the Muses of Tarot

Muses of Tarot Oracle Deck Cover by Ethony*

Meet the Muse: Veilia, Tarot Muse of Mediumship

Today I randomly selected Veilia, Muse of Mediumship, one of Ethony*’s 13 Muses of Tarot to learn in more detail. Ethony’s Muses offer to amplify the messages of your Tarot readings on specific topics, from healing to prosperity and shadow work. To clarify, Muses of Tarot is an Oracle deck to be used one Muse at a time during Tarot readings. Below I used the Meet the Muse Tarot spread (found at the end of the book).

  1. Center – The Muse: Veilia, Muse of Mediumship
  2. Top – The Muse’s message to you: 8 of Swords
  3. Right – How the Muse can help with your Tarot readings: the Star (27)
  4. Bottom – How the Muse can assist your spiritual journey: the Tower (26)
  5. Left – Today’s gifts or advice from the Muse: 7 of Cups

Veilia’s message to me today was that the prison of my own mind is quite a strong one, and that I also have the strength to escape by releasing fears and limiting beliefs. Her assistance for Tarot readings includes offering hope even as I deliver direct, honest messages. While acknowledging what’s going wrong is vital for positive change, we also must recognize our responsibility to take the first steps toward our goal. With grounded hope, it’s easier to set out on what will likely be a difficult path.

For my spiritual journey, Veilia offers the ability to see and communicate both the Tower’s messages of sudden upheaval and the opportunity to rebuild a better foundation for ourselves. Finally, today’s gift from the Muse is the ability to discern illusions from fantasies and reality, and then choose what’s most aligned with our highest good.

See the Muses of Tarot Oracle deck and learn more in my decks used. The Chakra card in the top L is also from the Muses deck. The Reflect card in the top R is from the Mini Moon Deck.

Meet Veilia, @EthonyTarot’s Tarot Muse of Mediumship.